Amberdulen (amberdulen) wrote in nanomojo,

NaNoWriMo 2010: Day Three

Good morning, NaNoMoJo!

It's Day 3, so we should be crossing the 5,000-word mark today. It's not too late to catch up, and if you can get ahead, do it! 5k is 10% of the goal, by the way. That's right: we're 10% done already. That's pretty nice.

Let's play a game.

1. List the first three characters who turn up in your novel
2. Give them each a three-word description (e.g. grim alcoholic cop, evil winged dragon, blue-haired hippie)
3. Play Kiss, Kill, or Marry with them
4. Let the rest of us do the same :)

(True fact: the second Google result for "kiss kill marry wikipedia" is Bella Swan. Al Bundy is first.) (?)
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