Amberdulen (amberdulen) wrote in nanomojo,

Making a Mess

Click here for our welcome post: What is NaNoMoJo?

A couple of days ago we posted about the germs of our NaNo ideas, the one thing we were sure would show up in November. Today let's go the other direction. This is NaNo, after all, and the motto lays it right out for us: no plot? No problem.

What's one thing about your NaNo novel you don't yet know? Is your antagonist nothing but a blank face? Are you not quite sure where and when the story takes place? Are you planning to go in and just kind of freehand it?

I've got a part in the middle where I have no idea how to get from part A to part C. There is no B. Or possibly B stands for "blur". It will be an exciting day when I reach that part of the story, let me tell you.
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